Save the date! GRAZIA VARISCO

'Cubo al Quadrato - Quadrato al cubo' at DIEHL CUBE Opening: May 2nd 2014, 17–21

Save the date! GRAZIA VARISCO

On View: May 3rd – June 7th 2014
Opening times during Gallery Weekend:
May 2nd, 11-21 / May 3rd 11-19 / May 4th, 11-19

In the late 1950s, the Milan artist Grazia Varisco began to steadily make her way, leading to a variety of distinct results so far. Together with Gianni Colombo and others, she was a member of the artists’ association gruppo T, created in 1959. With it, she was part of the international avant-garde that substantially advanced kinetic art in the 1960s, for instance in the exhibition series of the Neue Tendenzen movement. She also is one of the early protagonists whose art is based on the active participation of the audience. While many contemporaries turned their backs on free art, Varisco persisted. By means of a simple geometric form language, she continues to find novel ways to artistically interpret even those subjects anew that have been holding her interest for decades. Characteristic for her work is her interest in motion and changes in time, as well as the creation of space in its physical and virtual form.

Frederik Schikowski