New Publication about Grazia Varisco’s Work:

“I am sure just of my doubts“ – About (the art of) Grazia Varisco

New Publication about Grazia Varisco's Work:

A multitude of relevant examples can be found in the other part of the exhibition with the title “Se… 1959-2014“. On exhibit, for example, are works from the 1960s such as Varisco‘s magnet boards Tavole magnetiche with movable pictorial elements, motorised light boxes of the series Schemi luminosi variabili or her Reticoli frangibili: Geometric motifs displayed behind structured glass which change visually in relation to the positional movement of the viewer. Actually, Varisco is not only one of the earliest artists dedicating herself to kinetic art, since 1959 she has also been one of the pioneers regarding works of art that allow for active participation of the public. The later Spazi potenzialifrom the 1970s still allow for various ways in which frame shapes can be suspended from a supporting plate, while a number of Extrapagine offer the viewer to flip over folded parts of the image. And even some of her newer works are still based on this principle of variability. For example, there are the manually slidable frame structures of Silenzi as well as the variants of Varisco‘s current series of works Risonanza al tocco, in which she uses metal plates with cut-in sections that may be set into vibration by touch.