is 24/7, a 7x7x7 vitrine and laboratory of
alchemical presences, containing
messages, statements and context-based
topics of immediate art

The art world is rapidly changing. In the course of its transformation, it seems important to also reconsider the format of the art gallery as we’ve known it for decades. It should be about content, about being new and provocative, paradox and strange and about making discoveries.

This calls for new models of working with art and for luring the viewer back into exhibition space. DIEHL CUBE is a new space which suggests a reconfiguration of the concept behind the art gallery. With this mission in mind, CUBE will exhibit site specific pieces made especially for the space, solitary works, videos and installations with shows lasting from only a few days to several weeks, in addition to events, lectures and presentations. It’s an alchemist laboratory of sorts, where the gallery provides complex and purposeful context for the art.

With its unique architecture and unusual dimensions –
a cube measuring 7 x 7 x 7 meters and its vast window front, DIEHL CUBE functions like an oversized display cabinet, showcasing a specific installation each time that can be viewed around the clock. It pays homage in a contemporary manner to Lucio Amelio’s gallery Piece Unique from the 1980s, with its admirable rigor.

The CUBE will open with a show by Guenther Weseler, comprising an installation of his iconic sculpture “Sisyphos” – a symbolic work, which will be complemented by an agglomeration of his “Atemobjekt” pieces, as well as paintings from the early 1960s.

Starting in October, the following shows and projects will take place: Alexander Ivanov and Mikhail Kotomin present Ad Marginem Press, Moscow (15.10.13 / 7 pm), Alexander Abaza 18.10.-3.11.2013) showing Soviet photography from the 1960s and 80s, Elana Katz (6.-12.11.2013) showing works relating to Jewish identity and the connection to memory, absence, and evidence of historical obliteration, Constantin Flondor (15.11.2013 – 7.12.2013) founder of the Romanian artist group 111 and Sigma, Gonn Mosny (13.12.2013 – 17.01.2013), Peter Sedgley (24.1 – 22.2.2013) – kinetic light Installations. Further projects and exhibitions to follow, including, among others, Mark Lammert (painter), Grazia Varisco (co-founder artist group Gruppo T), Carla Guagliardi (Brazilian artist working with constructivist sculptures), and Karsten Konrad (sculptor).