Gaspar, a pun between the German first name Kaspar, its Brazilian equivalent Gaspar who is also a popular ghost-character, and the gas contained in the balloons, is a spirited sculpture that floats in mid air defying gravity. Such state of grace is only possible because the upper balloon filled with helium is anchored to a lower counterpart inflated with air balancing its volatility. Susceptible to currents, temperature changes and electric fields, Gaspar may move towards the observer following him or her with “participation”, as if engaged in a dance, or else wanders around the room, sometimes trying to find its way out of doors or windows. Moving about with serendipity, the sculpture seems to have a life of its own. Curiously, the public relates to it as if it ware an animated object and life could inhabit inorganic matter.

Attentive and reflective, rather than forceful and provocative, Carla Guagliardi brings into visual art wisdom and tranquility, connectedness and care—qualities that underlie an existential attitude of acceptance of the transformation processes linked to our existence. Hers is an art of broad perspectives and elation that opens up mental doors, rather than closing in on compartmentalized views. It shows how, on the other side of the threshold, new dimensions expand.
Alessandra Pace

Gaspar, 2007/2011, latex balloons, air, helium