After Sedgley’s arrival in Berlin in 1971

Light Sounds – Sound Light, 1972

After Sedgley's arrival in Berlin in 1971

After Sedgley’s arrival in Berlin in 1971, often in collaboration with musicians and other artists, he made a series of installations in different types of spaces and contexts (music festivals, schools, squares, parks, etc.), works that share the effort to use light and colour as spatial factors, to create relationships with the viewer, the architectural context or the natural elements of the setting. Environmental works like Light Sounds – Sound Light (1972, in collaboration with composer York Höller) cover, Chain Reaction (1974, in collaboration with composer Mario Bertoncini) and Labyrinth (1976) in collaboration with the sculptor Rudolf Valenta) immerse viewers in constantly changing situations of space, sound, and light. Other outdoor installations, like Light Ballet (1973), Night and Day (1974), and Windforms (1982) are works generated by their interaction with the weather conditions, giving birth to a number of unexpected and random effects.

1. Peter Sedgley, A phase of „Light Sounds-Sound Light“
2. +  3. Peter Sedgley, Labyrinth, Concert Hall – Bethanien Studios, audience activated light – sound installation